Klarity Email Tracking

A managed free service from Klarity Labs for tracking emails

Supportable versions

Quick Start

1. Install Solution (admin permissions are required)
  • Manual Install. Download the solution from the links above. Afterwards go to Dynamics CRM on Settings > Solutions and click the Import button. Follow the Import Wizard instructions.
2. Activate Solution (admin permissions are required) To activate the solution and set it up for service simply navigate to Settings > Solutions > KlarityEmailTracking. Once you open the solution make sure you are on the Configuration tab located on the left. Enter your Name, Company, and Email and click Submit. The next Screen is the Email Tracking Settings. Simply select which functions you would like to use by putting a check in the box. That’s it, you’re done!
3. Assign Roles (admin permissions are required) Now, you need to make sure the appropriate users have the Tracking Role assigned. By default the Admin always has the user role assigned. For others navigate to Settings > Security > Users. Once in the Enabled Users view, select the appropriate users and click Manage Roles button. Check the Klarity Email Tracking User role, then click Ok and you’re done.
4. Track Emails If you've enabled Email tracking on the second step, all emails that you send from CRM will be tracked by default. You can manage email tracking for specific emails on the enity form or in your code using the Track Email? field. To disable email tracking for specific emails, just set the Track Email? field to No. If your email contains links, and you've enabled the Email Link Tracking in the second step, then the solution will track user's clicks.
5. Statistics NOTE! Tracked data is not available in CRM immediately, it updates every 4 hours. Email form contains Klarity Tracking section that contains details about opens and clicks for current email record. You can find "email open" and "link click" in the Acitivty sub-grid. On the Klarity Statistics view of emails you can find all details for your tracked emails. The reports titled Klarity Email Link Clicks and Klarity Email Opens will provide you with detailed information about tracked emails; just navigate to the Reports list and run them.